The purpose of this chapter is twofold. On the one hand, you understand what GDP is, an inflation rate, the difference between nominal and real GDP and you are able to calculate them and, on the other hand, understand economic activity. world, European and Tunisian by reviewing the main indicators of economic activity.

The purpose of this chapter is for you to understand how the goods and services market works. The first step is to understand the equivalence between the equilibrium of supply and demand in this market and the equality between savings and investment. Then in a second step, it is a question of understanding the influence which the State can have through these monetary and budgetary policies on this equilibrium.

The purpose of this chapter is for you to understand how the money market works. It involves understanding (1) the determinants of demand for money and demand for treasury bills, (2) the relationship between the price of treasury bills and the interest rate, (3) how the balance is determined in this market and how it can be changed.

The purpose of this chapter is to understand how the labor market works. Indeed, we are led to explore the way in which prices and wages change over time and the way in which this affects the level of national income. To understand this relationship, it is important to analyze the functioning of the labor market, which is at the heart of determining wages.

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